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With this business plan outline, you’ll receive a printable template that will help you plan out and organize your business. 

In this outline, it will help your plan out and organize the general parts of your business, executive summary, figure out your target audience, competitors, HR, Vendors and supplies, your marketing plan, operations, and your financial projections. 

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helped so much, thank you.


FREE Business Plan Outline


I just started my business in Nov. & I’m still learning so this outline is really something I needed to help me figure out what I want for my business. I’m still a little shaky but I’m open to keep learning and working hard to get it to where I can be and Ik this outline will help so if you’re a boss babe out there (especially new to the business world like me)... get it!! And it’s free so there’s no harm :)

Great for small and large businesses!!

I myself have a decently large business and have purchased this business plan to keep myself of track and focused. I am in the process of rebranding and this business plan outline really came in handy when I needed it most. It’s extremely organized, well put together, and I believe every business owner should download it (plus it’s completely free!! Such a steal). I’ve recommended this pre made business plan to all my fellow entrepreneurs and friends who want to start a business.